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4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Kitchen Island

August 25, 2021 | Blog

Kitchen islands are a great way to upgrade your kitchen. It’s important to keep certain things in mind when choosing the perfect kitchen island. At Legacy Bath & Kitchen, we’ll help you choose the perfect kitchen island for your lifestyle.


When planning a kitchen renovation, it’s essential to keep in mind the kitchen work triangle. This design theory suggests the three main kitchen work areas should form a triangle. It is important to ensure that the triangle does not cut through the island by more than 12 inches

A kitchen island should have about 36-48 inches of space around all sides to allow for adequate room. The National Kitchen and Bath Association suggests 42 inches of space is ideal. 

Kitchen islands don’t have to act as centerpieces. Place the island close to outlets if you intend to use it for food prep.

Place your island where stools will fit if you plan to use it as a dining space. When planning for seating, ensure that there are at least 24 inches of width per person available. You should also make sure there is a clearance of 9 to 13 inches between the bottom of the counter and the seat. 

Shape and Size

The shape of a kitchen island depends on how you intend to use it. A kitchen upgrade should work in tandem with the rest of your space to create the kitchen work triangle.

Traditional square and rectangular-shaped islands fit in most kitchens. These functional shapes are ideal for extra space for work and storage. With enough depth, the addition of stools can create a dining space. 

L- and U- shaped islands provide an easier solution to form the desired kitchen work triangle. Such shapes also make for versatile and convenient spaces for cooking and entertaining. 

Whichever shape you decide is best, it is also important to consider the size of the island. Islands should be taller than your counters by 4-6 inches to make your kitchen appear more open.


Kitchens are often a mess of appliances, food containers, and utensils. The storage upgrade provided by a kitchen island can help reduce clutter in your kitchen. They can store kitchen gadgets, food, pots, pans, and various other kitchen necessities. This will help free up counter space in your kitchen and give it a more organized feel. 

Storage for kitchen islands comes in various styles. There are standard cabinets, drawers, glass doors, and open shelves. It all depends on what and how much you choose to store, which is also dependent on what island shape you decide on. 

Using storage methods like drawers and standard doors is ideal for items not used often. Open shelves are perfect for storing things you find yourself using the most.

Counter Material 

When choosing counter material, there are important aspects to keep in mind. This includes:

  • Sealing Requirements
  • Durability
  • Stain Resistance
  • Heat Resistance
  • Affordability
  • Appearance

To reduce the possibility of bacterial growth, sealing countertops is a must. Materials like quartzite and limestone need resealing due to their extra porous qualities. 

Kitchens can get hectic, so it’s important to consider the durability of the counter material. The most durable counter materials are:

  • Slate
  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Quartz 

Messes and accidents are bound to happen in any kitchen. If you’re looking for a material resistant to stains, opt for marble in light colors. 

If you place hot pots or pans on your counter, you’ll want a heat-resistant material such as granite, slate, and glass. 

Finally, the price and look of your countertops depend on your budget and style. Some materials come in limited colors and tend to be expensive. Others have a wide array of shades at more affordable prices. Keep in mind the fading of colors over time. Also, consider how much you’re willing to spend in case of an unforeseen replacement. 

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