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5 Kitchen Technology Ideas To Incorporate With Your Kitchen Design

November 14, 2022 | Blog

Cooking has evolved much throughout the ages, greatly benefiting from advances in technology to improve the overall functionality of kitchens everywhere. Whatever your cooking goals are, such as reducing energy consumption or a more efficient meal prep process, there are tech tools to meet every homeowner’s needs. 

If you’re looking to upgrade your cooking space, Legacy Bath and Kitchen is here to offer technology recommendations and design advice for a smarter and stress-free sanctuary. Read on to discover five useful technology ideas for an optimized kitchen! 

Kitchen Upgrades 

AI-Powered Gadgets 

Alexa and Google Home are two of the most popular hands-free devices among homeowners today. These gadgets allow you to set timers, access recipes, convert units of measurement, add items to your shopping list and so much more. With these wireless devices, cooking has never been more convenient, efficient and fun! 

They also connect with any other smart devices and appliances you might have, creating an optimized technological ecosystem that is easily accessible. You can multitask while your gadget does all the menial work, such as turning on and off your kitchen appliances. 

Smart Appliances 

Smart appliances are built with innovative technology that allows them to connect directly with an app on your phone, Google Home or Alexa. This integration with Alexa or Google assistant means you can control the functions of your appliance through voice commands. For example, you can preheat your oven or control your stove all from a different room. 

In addition to saving time, many modern appliances are designed to use less energy when cooking your food. Reducing energy usage also lowers energy costs, making them a wise investment. Take induction cooktops, for example. They use far less energy than gas or electric stoves and offer better temperature control, resulting in better-prepared food. 

Charging Stations 

Having one designated spot for your family members to charge and store their devices frees up your counter space for a tidier kitchen. You won’t have to deal with the hassle of messy cords or constantly bringing bulky power adapters back and forth. Tangled power cords scattered all around your kitchen are a safety hazard, especially if you have small children, so a station can help prevent tripping and nasty falls. 

Find the best drawer location, then have a professional install an outlet strip inside to organize your family’s devices and kitchen space. Once operational, plug in your devices and tuck them away neatly to keep out of sight. 

Touch-Activated Faucets 

When cooking, your hands tend to get covered with various foods and liquids. We have faucets to clean our hands and dishes, but having to pull the sink handle to access water spreads germs and mess. With a touch-activated faucet, however, you can turn the water on and off with a simple touch of the back of your hand, wrist, elbow or arm. 

You’ve got your hands full — literally and figuratively — while preparing a meal for your family or yourself. Let touch-activated faucets make cleaning your hands and dishes more efficient and hygienic. 

Composting Bins 

Recycling and reusing are great ways to reduce waste, but smart technology allows you to take repurposing to a whole new level. Smart bins cut down food waste production by converting food scraps into compost, which you can use as fertilizer. If you have a garden or farm, compost is very beneficial to soil and can help improve the overall health of your plants. 

Your kitchen is the ideal location for a composting bin to offer easy access for throwing out food. Food items to compost include:

  • Fruits & vegetables 
  • Stale bread, crackers & pasta
  • Coffee grounds & filters 
  • Crushed egg shells 
  • Tea bags 
  • Nuts and nutshells 

Kitchen Design Ideas 

The professionals at Legacy Bath & Kitchen are here to help incorporate the latest technology into your home. You can enjoy a well-lit kitchen with recessed lighting beneath your upper cabinets or running along the floor. With smart bulbs, you can control the brightness and hue of your kitchen lights with your phone or tablet.

Pop-up outlets are another technological upgrade to make your kitchen more streamlined. No matter what advancements you’re interested in, our team is here to make it a reality for you. Reach out to our team to learn more about your kitchen design options!

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