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Projects You Should Leave To The Professionals

June 23, 2022 | Blog

Want a bathroom or kitchen remodel? While a DIY project might sound like it will save you money, the exact opposite is true. A full-on kitchen or bathroom remodel is a job best left to professionals. Contacting Legacy Bath & Kitchen for remodeling will get you the best upgrade possible and will also be a money saver.

Bathroom Remodel


Bathroom remodel costs are affected by size, material, design and labor. Average spending per square foot includes durability, fixtures, plumbing and lighting.

Large bathrooms inflate costs and change layouts. Moving fixtures and plumbing, or extending rooms, adds to these costs.

Bathroom Remodel Options

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, there are four options available: basic renovation, partial, mid-range and upscale remodeling.

A basic renovation offers low material cost, off-shelf products and maintains structure and layout.

A partial remodel replaces specific items, while mid-range includes higher quality appliances, recessed medicine cabinets and larger showers.

An upscale remodel offers a re-designed layout and structure, moved fixtures and extended bathroom size. Durability and uniqueness are guaranteed by tile work, double vanities, upgraded plumbing and high-end materials


Ideally, a bathroom should have a light source in the shower space and dim main lighting. Additionally, recessed fixtures around the mirror give vanities the best lighting possible.


In all bathrooms, natural ventilation is a must. To keep the room clean and mold and mildew free, consider installing a window. For best efficiency, showers should include rainfall and hand-held showerheads along with heated towel racks.


Serving as a focal point and work surface, the recommended height for countertops is 36 inches. They should also be made out of durable materials in order to be water, soap and cosmetic resistant.

Kitchen Remodel


Kitchen remodel costs are typically 50% cabinets and appliances, 25% labor and 25% other materials. As unexpected costs and contingencies should also be considered, add another 20% after everything is figured in.

To achieve a manageable budget, prioritize and compromise. If you are moving within 5 years, spend what you plan on getting back when selling. If staying long-term, be as creative as you wish!

During a kitchen remodel, last-minute changes blow budgets. Consider what you will do while your kitchen is unavailable, what permit fees local building authorities expect and what appliances will be removed.

Remodel Budgets

Similar to bathroom remodels, a kitchen remodel has partial, mid-range and upscale options.

Partial ($15K-25K) replaces countertops and cabinets and adds minor design details.

Mid-range ($50K-65K) offers high-end appliances, custom islands, cabinetry, mid to high-quality materials, and changes to the layout.

Upscale ($100K-120K) offers complete layout change, detailed architecture, high-quality materials, custom cabinetry and a professional-grade stove.

Kitchen Design

When planning a kitchen remodel, consider options that can add efficiency, comfort and style to the room. Ceiling fans, for instance, provide natural ventilation, lower energy costs and improved air quality. Analog thermostats also help improve comfort levels, as well as being energy-efficient and leading to lower electricity bills.

For convenience, consider a double oven, island, open-floor plan and multi-purpose area. A double oven will help cook multiple dishes simultaneously and will keep cooked food warm. Islands are great for buffets or for just standing around. Additionally, it allows for seating, prep sinks or microwaves to be added to the kitchen. Open-floor plans let you interact with guests while working in the kitchen and multi-purpose areas allow for nearly everything to be done in the kitchen.

Calling Professionals

When it comes to planning, technical knowledge and management, bathroom and kitchen remodels require an expert’s help. Professionals can handle all designing, overseeing and installing, making sure you get what best suits your needs.

As so much happens before work begins, hire trained, experienced pros to help make the most of your space and budget. While you’ll be involved in important decisions, the professionals will deal with smaller complications. Design professionals help reduce total project costs and discuss continuously revised ideas with you to match your vision and goal.

While professionals can help with understanding expenses, you should still have at least two plans for everything, a list of alternatives that can meet your budget and stay flexible about final choices.

All in all, hiring professionals for bathroom and kitchen renovation is a time and money saver. Sharing ideas with and leaving day-to-day work to professionals will help you mitigate risks, save time, avoid mistakes, and budget and schedule wisely.

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